Monday, June 27, 2011

The struggle....

Everyone struggles with something at some point of their life. I remember when I used to workout and the weight would just melt off, but when you add other things into the mix like health, and prescriptions then things aren't as easy as they once were before. It's funny because a co-worker and I were talking today and she said "Dolicia life just isn't fair. You eat so healthy, take the stairs to the fourth floor sometimes, and exercise regularly, but you struggle to lose weight. Me I eat garbage, and I am skinny as a rail. That's not fair, life is not fair for you." I feel that way alot of time, but at the same time I believe that EVERYTHING that I have gone through with my health is a blessing. Now, that sounds real crazy, but think about it. Someone is reading this blog saying wow look how positive she is, and may have made the decision themselves to look at life from a positive angle vs. negative. Everything that I have been through is a lesson for someone else including myself....Wait!!! Especially Myself!!!! I have a story, I have experience, I have a testimony, and I have a hell of alot of strength. I also have personal health goals that I will accomplish, and nothing can stop me from getting there which is why I go to the gym and make sure that majority of my meals are healthy. Now if you are reading this and flowing through life with no worries take a moment to consider your future health when you load your belly with fried foods, tons of candy, and other forms of the not so healthy stuff. I am so excited to meet the new me, but my body needs to work with me. I know that once I am off these medications the weight will melt off as if I am working as hard as I actually work to get there. LOL!!! July 27th is my next echo-cardiogram , daughters 2nd birthday, and an important day in the terms of EF because the higher means the closer I am to getting off the meds. 

 Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. ~Mahatma Gandhi

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