Friday, December 31, 2010

Sick is no fun

So for the past few days I have been waking up with headaches that went away after taking Tylenol. Yesterday I was struck by a fever truck while at work. The best way to describe my body temp was bi-polar. LOL!!! I keep checking my blood pressure and it stayed under control, but my heart rate was a bit high like 108. Yeah not good, so I went to my moms place before picking  up the kids to take a much needed nap thinking I would feel better and my HR would go down. The nap did help a little, but my HR continued to climb, and I was starting to feel as if my rhythms were becoming abnormal which is not cool since I have been doing so good for so many months. My HR increased to 128 so I called my Cardiologist answering service, and 5 mins later Dr. Yaqoob returned my call. I let him know that I was exposed to someone with a virus and my have picked it up, then I continued by providing him with my BP readings for the day and my actions before each reading. His provided me with a plan of action which was to take half of my heart med Carvedilol, and rest. If my heart rate were to remain elevated then take the other half, and if after that it remains in the 120's then the ER would have had an additional patient for the evening. Well, thank goodness after the 1st  half and some rest my heart rate dropped back down to 76. I was so happy that I feel asleep watching tv and playing bejeweled blitz on Facebook. So with all that said if you have any know health problems, and you feel ill keep a log of how you felt and at what time. Contact your doctor unless it's an emergency, provide them with your info, and they can assist you and provide a plan of action over the phone. It's not always necessary to run to the emergency room!!!! 

P.S....if possible stay away from sick children & adults especially if they have a virus. 

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