Sunday, December 12, 2010

So last night I read this story and was brought to some serious tears. As I was reading it I realized how much this lady and I had in common being that we told all of FB about our every move. LOL!!!! I have been doing well for the most part, but as the cold weather rolls in I realize how my heart reacts to it and have to remain warm. If not I have a short moment of palpitations. That's my signal to warm up!!!!! I have been doing so well which  has contributed to the lack of me blogging as much as I used to. I apologize, and I am committing myself to blog here more often. It shouldn't take a sad story or me not feeling well to do so. At my last appointment my EF was 50% so I can't wait to see if I have increased to the 55-60% range at my next appointment which is the end of January. Remember to always live, love, and laugh.....It is the medicine to the soul!!!!!

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  1. Hi Dolicia,
    I also had PPCM! I am so glad you are writing about your journey, as well! I began my blog back in January.