Thursday, February 10, 2011

Better safe than sorry!!!

I must say that one of the things that I am fully aware of is body, and there is nothing wrong with being in tune with yourself. It's a good thing because when something is different you can tell what's normal for you and what's not. Yesterday evening I experienced something that was not normal for me at all. On the way home after picking up the kids I experienced some tingling feeling in my chest. My only focus was to get my children home safe, and then figuring out what was going on with my body. To ease the feeling I did some breathing exercises like those in yoga to keep my body relaxed and oxygen flowing. The worse thing to do is stress and panic when your body is not functioning normal. I got home and after some time which I lost track of I remembered feeling very weak, nauseous, and tired out of the blue followed by a numb feeling in one spot of my arm. Now some would panic at this point, but my focus believe it or not was controlling my body and making the pain go away. I took my nightly dosage of meds and it seems that my body was starting to respond as I wanted it too. Apparently, I feel asleep on the couch, but the good thing was that the tingling went away. My thoughts were that everything was cool then I start coughing almost to the point of vomiting. Not fun nor comfortable at all!!!! So to be on the safe side the first thing the morning I called my Cardiologist for an appointment this morning. Not to my surprise my EKG was different from the previous one. The doctor let me know that I am fine for now, but he want's to do another stress test. My last one was last February, so I guess I am due for one anyway. After my echo-cardiogram results and this abnormal experience I don't feel excited about my stress test that is scheduled for the 17th. Normally I feel good about these things, but that is because normally I feel that I am improving and my EF is increasing. As much as I did not want to see my cardiologist til six months from now I figured that I BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY!!!

"Your body has the amazing ability to naturally realign and heal itself, if you’d just give it some basic attention"~Diane McLaren

I am a survivor, and warrior....
Aquarius Love!!

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