Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My October Visit

So October 6th I went to see my Cardiologist again for a follow up appointment. Well while hooked up to the EKG I experienced some palpatations with a heart rate in the 50's. So my doctor contacted a company called Cardionet and prescribed a heart monitor for me to wear for a week. I had already worn the holter monitor for 24hrs the month prior to that and she did not see anything wrong with my electricity. Well the Cardionet revealed a different story. Some of the events I did feel, and some apparently I didn't. I say this because a couple of times when I went to record an event the monitor was already full. The maximum number of events that it holds is 6. So I just had to call Cardionet and transmit my events. Wearing that device for a week was an interesting experience. Imagine being in the grocery store and standing next to someone and your monitor records an event. When this device records it does not do so in silence. It sounds like your receiving a fax. So again imagine if you were standing next to me in line lets say and I am talking on the phone and you hear a fax machine coming from my chest area. LMBO!!!! I can laugh now, but it was pretty annoying especially since it also rang like a phone every 30 minutes. With the results from the cardionet she still has not released me for work, and have given a return date for Jan 2010. She increased my Coreg, and placing a permanent device will only happen if all else fails. I was not happy with the news, but it is what it is. I have start walking 2 miles per day (very slow)to regain some strength. I am still tired after taking the meds, but I am not experiencing palpatations everyday like I was before. They still happen, but I it not as bad.For me that shows progress. My next appointment is in Dec, and til then I will enjoy this time with my family. Now if I can get rid of this baby belly!!!!

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