Friday, September 18, 2009

Subsequent Pregnancy

    Fast forward to December 2008 the month when hope became a reality. I remember sitting at my desk at work, and feeling a needle like sensation coming through my nipples. I took a pregnancy test and the results were positive, and for the next 13 weeks I experienced nausea, colds, and sinus infections.

     In January 2009 I followed up with my Cardiologist informing her of the good news. She was excited to hear the news, however still informed me that I could relapse. The good thing is that I would be closely monitored so if a relapse did occur they would catch and treat it right away. I was advised to eat healthy, check my blood pressure on a regular basis, and to listen to my body. She wanted to see if my Ejection Fraction (EF) was still normal so she had the tech perform a Echocardiogram. As I watched the monitor I knew that my heart was still functioning normal, and that the pregnancy had not effected it. The results of the Echo was an EF of 55% which is still in normal range and I had been stable since May 2007. Awesome News! I continued the pregnancy with no signs of relapse, and my next Echocardiogram was scheduled for July 15th since my due date was August 3rd. She wanted to ensure that my heart still held a normal EF prior to delivery. I remember that office visit as if it occurred yesterday. I went in happy as normal speaking to the staff as they asked about my son, and the pregnancy. My blood pressure was taken, then I went into the room for the Echo. At this point since 2006 I have had plenty of ultrasounds on my heart, and asked many questions in the past. In turn, the Tech would always explain to me in great detail of what we were looking at. This visit was different. As I layed on the table and viewed the monitor I knew something was not right. My followup appointment had been scheduled for July 24th for the results.

     I continued my days with a positive attitude trying to convince myself that everything was ok, and that my heart was still functioning normal. However, I knew that I had relapsed, but was in great denial telling myself that everything was fine I would be ok. Now July 24th has arrived and I am looking forward to hearing good news like your EF is still normal and you will be fine for a vaginal deliverly. HA, that definitely was not the news that I received. Actually as I was waiting in the room I overheard her speaking to another doctor about her PPCM patient that had relapsed. Well, I am her only PPCM patient so I knew she was talking about me, however I was still in denial. I guess that I did not want to accept hearing that I had relapsed because at this point I had so much energy and experienced no symptons of relapse. She finally came into the room, pulled up her stool, and explained to me my test results, and informed me that they did not want any stress put on my body during labor because the result could be fatal. Wow, my EF decreased from 55% down to 40% from January to July. So she basically told me that I had to have a c-section, and not to ever get pregnant again because I could die. DAMN!!! That was alot to take in, and I cried as I ignored some phone calls, and replied to some text messages. She had to discuss delivery options with my OB so I was just hoping that I did not go into labor prior to hearing from my OB. The weekend went by, and now July 27th has arrived. I went to my OB for my regular Non-Stress Test (fetal NST), and as I checked in one of the girls told me "So todays the day, you must be excited". My response was "is it". Apparently there was a conference with my OB, High Risk OB, and Cardiologist late on the previous Friday. I had been scheduled to have a c-section at 1500, and the hospital was suppose to contact me that friday evening. Yeah, that shocked you right? Well imagine me being told the news. My husband was at work and this was not expected at all. This was happening all to fast for me, and I was worried about what was going to happen to me. All I could think about was my husband and son. I was emotionally destroyed, but somehow remained strong to others. Well, at least til Mas called me and said " Hey how are you doing?". OMG, I completely broke down on the phone. She works in Tampa and all I remember hearing her say was "I am on my way to the hospital". See my husband was at work, and I did not know if he would make it to the hospital in time since he works out in BFE. Lol! Well, Mas arrived, then Manny arrived shortly after that. They gave me the epidural, rolled me back to the operation room. My OB was quick and very detailed as he explained to me what was going on, and at 1555 (3:55 pm) Isabella was born. Shortly after my tubiligation had been completed, and the road to recovery had began.

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